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Blacklist bad memory addresses in Windows – xf.is blog

Quote :

I ran memtest86 and got two bad memory spots in two tests (Moving inversions, random pattern):


Windows is able to blacklist bad memory addresses using the bcdedit tool. However it only blacklists page of memory (4KB) instead of single address. In order to convert from memtest86 single address syntax to bcdedit pages syntax I had to remove the last 3 letters from each memory address (since 0xFFF is 4KB).
memtest86 bcdedit Memory range from Memory range to Size
0x1BFAE5474 0x1BFAE5 0x1BFAE5000 0x1BFAE5FFF 4 KB
0x116A3FE55 0x116A3F 0x116A3F000 0x116A3FFFF 4 KB

Running command promt as administrator I could blacklist the memory addresses:

Enable memory blacklisting

bcdedit /set {badmemory} badmemoryaccess no

Specify what addresses to blacklist

bcdedit /set {badmemory} badmemorylist 0x1bfae5 0x116a3f